Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 New Internet Business Resources Free

Merry Christmas

When I started my internet business in 2001 it was a lot different than today. Back then you pay for everything to build your site, brand yourself, create videos, etc.

Today however things are a lot different. You can get free software to create web pages. You can have a free blog. You can brand ebooks for free to give away. And now there's even a place where you can get some free videos to help build you list and make affiliate sales.

Now I don't use free software to create my web pages at FriendsWhoCare since I had to buy some when I started. However I do have a free blog. In fact I have several. I also have a membership at Viral Ebook Explosion where I get ebooks to brand and give away. And I also now have a membership at Affiliate Power Videos.

Since I've been doing business online for several years you may wonder why I use free blogs and membership sites.

Easy answer - Because these things help build my business!

Blogs are a fantastic way to promote your business because you can leave reviews for affiliate products online and they can continue to make sales for you long after you've written the review. Free blogs that provide content can even make sales if you promote things relative to your content and you provide good content on a regular basis.

As for membership sites like Viral Ebook Explosion and Affiliate Power Videos, all I can say is that I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to building my lists and making sales. And if you can't see the value of giving branded information away or using video then ... I won't even go there.

Of course the paid memberships at these sites offer much more however the free memberships aren't shabby. A free membership at Viral Ebook Explosion gives you the right to brand and sell or give away several quality information products. And right now a free membership at Affiliate Power Videos gives you professional video sign-up pages for 10 different affiliate products PLUS you also get 5 new video squeeze pages every month.

If you're able to create your own viral ebooks or make your own videos then you may not be interested in these 2 membership sites. However if you don't write your own viral ebook, you aren't making your own videos or you'd like some to make your life easier by not having to do all the work yourself then I highly recommend you check out both these membership sites.

Here they are again - Viral Ebook Explosion and Affiliate Power Videos.

To Your Success,

P.S. With Christmas only a few days off I just have to share a video with a really funny Christmas song. And while it's really cute and I think you'll enjoy it I do have to warn you. After the song and in the ending credits there is a joke you may find offensive so you may want to stop the video at the end of the song.

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